Your body is a mechanical machine made of moving parts that absorbs loads and stresses on a daily basis.  When your body’s self-healing mechanisms can’t keep up with the stresses on an area, you begin to have pain.  If that pain does not resolve in a few weeks, even with rest, there is something continuing to put stress on the painful area so the tissue there can’t heal.  

Has your doctor told you to accept the pain because you have arthritis, you are getting old, or your pain is probably due to scar tissue, an old injury, etc. ?  Is pain preventing you from doing the things you want or spending time with the people you love?  Are you struggling with pain despite surgery, injections, chiropractic treatment, stretching and strengthening exercises, etc.?  


You owe it to yourself to be evaluated for the presence of fascial dysfunction!  


What is fascia?


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What is fascial dysfunction?


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Treatments for fascial dysfunction

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